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Are Parents Liable When Their Teenager Causes a Car Accident?

Are you as a parent responsible for the mistakes your teenager makes while driving on the road? Many of us have, or soon will have, teens that are eligible to drive and you may be excited for them to get their license and be out of the house more than they are in it but you may have some reservations about what the consequences will be if your child does get into an accident. So we give our kids tips and tell them what to look out for while on the road and offer all the help we can when it comes to advice on how to drive safely. However, like with many other aspects of life, sometimes kids refuse to learn from their parents.


Unfortunately the most dangerous age group on the road involves teenagers. Drivers in the age range of 16-20 are 3 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash and account for a high percentage of the total amount of accidents we see overall.


So are parents responsible for the mistakes of our teenage drivers? As with many legal questions, the answer is not black or white.  Frankly, that is why you hire a good attorney when you have a legal issue. I had a case where we brought a lawsuit against the teenage driver and one of her parents who owned the car.  We pursued a legal theory known as negligent entrustment against the parent.  Simply put, negligent entrustment is when someone should not allow another to use a dangerous thing, but they do anyway and someone gets hurt as a result of a negligent or improper use of that thing.  If you know that someone is inexperienced with guns, you would not hand them a loaded gun.  If someone was intoxicated, you should not hand them the keys to your car.

Are you safe?

So what can you do to avoid becoming personally responsible should your teenage get cause a car accident? If you have a good inclination that your child will cause an accident then you should not allow your child to operate a motor vehicle. Does this mean that you can let your child drive at all because you suspect they might not be the safest driver on the road? No, this type of judgment will go on a case by case basis and whether or not you would be held accountable is going to be based on what a parent would reasonably restrict a child to if they suspected them of being a unsafe driver.

For example, if your child drives themselves to and from school and you allow that but you do not allow them to go driving at any time with no questions asked when it is unrelated to school. Then your child causes an accident you are less likely to be held accountable because you did in fact try to restrict your child’s driving to a minimum because of your fears that they would cause an accident.

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Accident Lawyer

How Can an Accident Lawyer Baltimore Help You after an Accident

Do you think an accident lawyer Baltimore is needed? For a lot of people, they don’t think lawyers are needed when they have been a victim of an accident. It’s not too hard to see why most people think this way as it seems unnecessary to hire a lawyer. However, when you aren’t at fault and the other party doesn’t want to pay you any compensation it’s a stressful time. That is why an accident lawyer might prove useful. Why don’t you read on and find out how an accident lawyer can help you after an accident.

You Have Time to Recover

You want to know how a Baltimore accident lawyer can help you after an accident; well it’s all down to recovery! The lawyer can’t mend your broken bones but they can certainly handle everything concerning the lawsuit and that’s ideal! You can absolutely have the necessary time to recover in hospital and at home without having to worry about anything. This is very important when it comes to recovering and really it’s a must.

The Accident Lawyer Baltimore Handles the Paperwork on Your Behalf

What do you know about lawsuits? To be honest, there are lots of bits of paperwork and documents to go through when dealing with a lawsuit. You have lots of information that is needed and sometimes the evidence you think isn’t going to help the situation is lost and that proves crucial. With a Baltimore accident lawyer on your side, they can be the ones to deal with all paperwork on your behalf and make the situation easier for everyone involved. This is really going to be hugely important and something that thousands will find better for them and their minds.

Dealing with the Other Party’s Lawyer and Getting Fair Compensation

After an accident, you have a lot to worry about and in truth you really don’t want to have to deal with a lawyer, especially one who is working for the other party! Lawyers often speak with fancy legal terms that a lot of people don’t fully understand and it’s sometimes best to leave the professionals to duke it out! An accident lawyer Baltimore can absolutely help you during and after your lawsuit. The lawyer can deal with the other lawyer and do through terms with them and hammer out a deal for compensation. This is going to prove a hit and really it’s more than useful to say the least. Without having a lawyer at your side, things can get very complicated and complex.

Get the Help You Need

When you have been a victim of an accident, compensation may be needed to help pay for medical bills. Unfortunately far too many people don’t think about hiring a professional to help them and it’s costly for them. When you have help on your side you can absolutely get fair compensation and certainly get the help you need. This will potentially make all the difference when it comes to recovering from an injury and getting the compensation you deserve also. A Baltimore accident lawyer can help you today.


When to Hire a Personal accident lawyer Baltimore?

Many people choose to employ an accident lawyer Baltimore after they havebeen involved in a car crash that results in accidental injury and monetary deficits.

Why should you hire an attorney?

Theoretically, you can document a personal injury say against an insurance provider by yourself. Some people choose this road when they’ve suffered only mild accidental injuries and have time to analyse the legal boasts process themselves. Also, missing an attorney can save you some cash in legal fees.

However, a major accident lawyer their team of lawyers. Your attorney already understands the personal damage regulations Baltimore especially an injury attorney–can help you go up against big auto insurance companies and procedural guidelines and can actually handle all the legwork for you. She or he will become your advocate throughout the complete case.

Because an insurance company’s lawyers have the data to reduce compensation and even deny the claim totally, hiring a major accident attorney is the best option for folks who:

–           Have endured severe injuries.

–           Are faced with expensive medical expenses.

–           Have experienced a significant loss of income because of the injuries.

Reasons to Check with an accident lawyer Baltimore

Consider hiring a major accident attorney if the following apply to you.

CAR CRASH Injuries

Severe Injuries

The severity of your individual injuries is measured by the:

  • Type of damage (or injury) you’ve
  • The length of the time it requires (or will take) so that you can recover.
  • The cost of medical expenses (and some other therapeutic types of procedures) you have

This can also include the estimated cost of future medical procedures.

Long-Term or Once and for all Disabling Injuries

In most cases, a long-term personal injury is the one which lasts for about per annum or much longer, while a long-lasting injury is one that disables you for life. These types of personal injuries affect your capability to become and stay employed–not to say the quality of your life.

Proving long-term and completely disabling accidental injuries can be atough business, as well as your personal accident lawyer Baltimore will probably consult with each medical professional you have seen. She or he even might require the presence of your doctors during any legal proceedings. More details here:

Disputed Liability

When an insurance company disputes its policyholder’s liability for the car crash, the business is declaring that the policyholder is not at fault (or reaches least claiming you do not have enough proof of mistake) and, therefore, the insurance provider is not in charge of spending money on your damages.

A major accident attorney can help you provide this confirmation and show that the other party was indeed at fault.

Refusal to Pay

Refusal to pay (which can but doesn’t invariably stem from a disputed liability) or refusal to pay a good amount is when an insurance provider outright won’t make a good settlement deal offer–or any offer in any way.

Finally, evaluate your comfort level with the attorney.

You can begin gauging your comfort and ease from the beginning (for example, how do you experience the attorney’s success rate with car crash circumstances?) and continue beyond the time you hire him or her. Remember, you suffered injury and monetary loss due to an automobile accident you believe someone else induced. Use these tips–and trust your gut–as you seek out the right car accident lawyer Baltimore.